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Selling products is a viable business if you want to launch one. Although there are many places to sell your goods, Amazon is the best thing that could have ever happened to the online retail sector. Fortunately, the market for practically any good on Amazon is expanding more quickly than ever. Are you Curious about how to sell on amazon from Pakistan? let’s figure it out below

How is Amazon leading the way?

Here are just a few factors that have helped make Amazon the dominant e-commerce site in the world:

  • There are more than 300 million active Amazon consumers in 180 different nations.
  • Amazon’s third-party sales are increasing at a 50% annual rate.
  • 160+ million people subscribe to Amazon Prime.
  • With an almost twice as popular app as Walmart’s, which comes in second place, Amazon dominates mobile shopping.
  • 90% of online shoppers concur that Amazon is the most probable e-commerce site they will use to make a purchase.
  • In the US, small and medium-sized firms sell 4,000 things per minute on average.

How to sell on Amazon from Pakistan

Amazon’s entry into Pakistan has undoubtedly opened new doors for the Pakistani people and our economy.

During this crucial period in history, every small- and medium-sized business (SME) in Pakistan could access the international market with even fewer constraints.

Selling on Amazon is not a company that can be “set it and forgets it,” but if you have a plan, the appropriate information, and the right tools, you’ll be well enough on your way to success. 

Many internet retailers flocked to create an account on Amazon once it permitted Pakistanis to list their wares on Amazon. The necessity to locate a relative in the US or the UK to open an account on your behalf is no longer necessary. However, you must provide the necessary documents.

Steps to sell on Amazon from Pakistan

We’ll discuss steps to sell on Amazon from Pakistan efficiently and economically.

Product Research

It is advisable to research goods with a high turnover rate that can be sold quickly. Through its sales rank tool, Amazon does provide the ability to determine which products are selling quickly. Any product with a rank of over 50 is suitable, and you can choose it. Researching the best product category is necessary if you just start trading.

Find Supplier 

  • One method is to get in touch with shopping centers and ask what things are being disposed of in bundle deals or at steep discounts. Purchase them cheaply and resell them at the listed price or a modest discount.
  • Contact wholesale distributors, establish a long-term relationship, and bargain for discounted costs. You might have to make a specified number of purchases within a specific time frame. There can be minimum order requirements.
  • Create your own goods, such as handicrafts or herbal or spice concoctions. Be cautious while creating herbal formulations, food products, and spice blends because you might need to adhere to local, national, and international laws in addition to Amazon’s qualifying requirements.
  • Knowing in-depth Amazon seller fees for handcrafted products is a significant barrier to producing and selling products on Amazon.
  • Make contact with nearby small-scale producers and purchase goods from them.

Create Amazon Seller Accounts

You must first sign up for an Amazon seller account if you still need to get one. Accounts for both professional and individual vendors are accessible. The latter is cost-free. However, each thing you sell on Amazon will incur a small fee of roughly $1. The Pro seller costs $40 a month and has extra features. Depending on the budget for your business, you can choose the account type.

Create product listing 

The next step in learning to sell things on Amazon is establishing a product listing after creating an account. You can either make a brand-new product listing or add each item to an existing one. You can search for a comparable product and find the listing if there is a pre-existing list.

Once you’ve uploaded your product to the list and your pricing and terms, you use the seller central dashboard to click on sell yours. After completing the form, click the save and finish option. Select the listing with the highest score if there are several to find out more about the price and other specifics.

Product Marketing

You can create a thorough product marketing strategy as your products are shipped to Amazon fulfilment centers. You can choose from various strategies to advertise your privately branded products for Amazon sales. Here are a few typical strategies that most Amazon FBA sellers employ:

Ask your friends to purchase your goods to get product reviews on your seller page.

Select Amazon Paid marketing specialists to advertise your products.

If you have any former customers, ask them to review and rate your products.

To promote specific products, speak to an Amazon affiliate marketer.

Manage Inventory

Inventory control is necessary. Amazon tracks inventory automatically, lowering the item count when goods are sold off. Even better, you may manually change inventory by altering the currently available units using the seller central dashboard. Inventory can be managed through bulk uploads and inventory feeds. You can use the e-commerce platform, inventory software, and Amazon seller tools to manage inventory.

Many third-party vendors have flourishing companies and offer their goods on Amazon. However, there are always two sides to a story; while there are advantages to selling on Amazon, there are undoubtedly disadvantages.


  • Beginning Amazon sellers will find the process simple and easy to follow.
  • If you have the correct product to sell and are aware of your target market, selling on Amazon can help you effortlessly create a successful business.
  • Since you are selling on Amazon, you will likely make more sales due to Amazon’s traffic.
  • Marketing doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.
  • If you use Amazon’s service, keeping your inventory will be fine.


  • Using your ASIN, other merchants can quickly take over your listings and profit from your marketing initiatives.
  • If your margin could be better, you can find yourself paying Amazon more than you are making.
  • Even if Amazon manages your operations, you are still in charge of customer service.


Many people have tried their luck by selling products and earning money online from Amazon. What, therefore, can we learn from people who have achieved clear, quantifiable success? 50% of vendors regret prolonging their Amazon sales.

The amount you can make through Amazon is unlimited. The top baby goods vendor earns $75,000 every month. The best thermometer vendor earns $65,000 per year. A single seller of sporting goods on Amazon makes $1 million per month.

Most (69%) of the top sellers on Amazon who have been in business for more than five years started out and had a live product listing within six weeks. Selling on Amazon is tricky; you must be patient until your business is approved before you can begin selling there.

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