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For women or students, working a 9-to-5 job can be very challenging. It might be very difficult to give certain hours of the day while managing other things. However, having a business is different. You are your own boss, you can set your own schedules, but going out with the best Business Ideas in Pakistan can be a hassle

It is sad that students who enrol in schools or universities do not gain practical knowledge but instead obtain a formal degree to find employment. However, times have changed, and organisations now prioritise hiring qualified candidates. 

Additionally, there is less demand and more availability for jobs in Pakistan. As a result, many young people are exploring entrepreneurship so they aren’t dependent on the Corporate world to provide them jobs.

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Being a woman and having full household duties while also doing a profession that requires equal amounts of time can be quite challenging.

A business would enable you to easily select your own working hours.

But what are the benefits of starting your own business? There are several benefits to starting your own business. All you have to do, especially if you’re a woman or a student, is choose a business idea that won’t cost you a kidney. Our main objective is to make money; thus, it should be financially viable and sustainable. Right?

The good news is that we have compiled a great list of business ideas in Pakistan that require little to no funding.

10 Business Ideas in pakistan


Probably the best small business for Pakistani students. If your result pertains and can explain things well, let your first-year students profit from it, and you can earn a respectable living. Join a group to increase your profits. It would help if you hung a classy banner in front of your home. Additionally, you can contract with a local news organization to disseminate fliers for an academy. By doing this, you will attract a large number of students in a month. If you have 30 children and merely get Rs 1000 from one of them, you may make Rs 30,000 per month working just 3 to 4 hours in the evening.

Content writing 

There are millions of websites, and the majority of them require new content to keep their pages up to date. Start marketing your content writing services if you have a firm grasp of English because most websites are written in English.

You must advertise your writing services on freelance websites, or you may also approach website owners personally to offer or advise your services. You should also have a solid portfolio to use as a showcase. You can design a captivating LinkedIn and social media presence to attract new clients.


Pakistani women are very much driven towards fashion. They order stitched and unstitched suits for various celebrations, weddings, and community-wide festivities. They can purchase clothing in the stores closest to their homes, but they are now interested in obtaining distinctive and unusual apparel designs from internet sites.

It is one of the best business ventures for Pakistani women and students due to the rising trend. They can start with a small investment by purchasing 20–30 suits from a wholesaler in the closest city, then promote the business in various Facebook and WhatsApp groups and among the neighborhood residents. The minor company concept is this one, yet someone with more excellent means could start with a larger internet store.

Gift Baskets 

Gift baskets are excellent presents for most people. Even so, baskets are not required. An ideal rucksack for a first-year college student contains food items and educational necessities. Consider using gift wrap that represents the meaning and topic of the item itself or hand-painted wrapping paper. Only your imagination can constrain the kinds of gift baskets you can make. These gift baskets can be sold online and is an amazing online business idea in Pakistan for students and women.

Food business 

In Pakistan, the food industry is enormous. People routinely move between cities for employment, education, and business prospects, but they frequently give up their hunt for clean meals. It is among the top business concepts for stay-at-home women. Find a need in the food business near where you live and devise a solution using your resources. The most accessible place to start is in a tiny home kitchen. It can begin in your little kitchen.

You might start with one dish to stay focused, or you can approach a few offices and hostels where people are interested in ordering from your healthy menu. It would help if you were an expert at creating delicious local cuisine. These will become your regular customers if you bring food of quality and on time. If you have extra space in your house, you may also let other neighbours use it for meals.

When you start receiving consistent orders, put your expansion plans into action by approaching commercial markets where shop owners would like to have freshly prepared meals delivered right to their stores. Extend by including baked foods and desserts as well.

Makeup Studio

Another excellent concept for starting a home business is a beauty salon. YouTube tutorials are a great resource as well. You can also receive accreditation from a makeup school to be competent in managing your salon. For women in Pakistan, starting a business like this is relatively popular. You can set up a makeup studio for your clients in a spare room at home. Create a Facebook page or website and post beauty advice there.

Grow organic food

The food doesn’t grow organically anymore. Due to the extensive genetic alteration of readily available foodstuffs, the world is shifting back to organic food. People prefer to eat organic foods free of toxic chemicals and preservatives. Growing or creating natural food items can provide a solution. It is one of the successful home business concepts in Pakistan that can help you join the ranks of social entrepreneurs. Start with simple veggies, such as peppers, herbs, onions, tomatoes, etc. Organic farming is challenging, and while the output may be lower, the profits are higher. People looking for naturally grown goods frequently visit specific marketplaces in different cities in Pakistan.


In Pakistan, freelancing has experienced rapid growth due to the simplicity with which one can obtain clients and jobs requiring various skill sets while at home. Selling your skills and earning money online is the art of freelancing. Do you possess a talent? Employers and businesses from all over the world can hire you if you offer your services to them. You are not required to work in a particular place or time.

Take the assignment, keep traveling, and ensure the assignment is delivered on time. A laptop, a steady internet connection, and sharpened abilities are all you need to be a freelancer.

You can begin working for yourself as a freelancer in a variety of fields, such as;

  • Web development
  • Design and creative works
  • Sales and marketing
  • Administration and customer support
  • Writing and translation
  • Accounts and finance
  • Real estate brokerage
  • Tax consulting
  • SEO services

The list continues. Famous freelance markets like Freelancer, Upwork, Guru, and Fiverr are just a few to check out. These are generally well-known. You can, however, choose to work on a professional platform.

You can create your website to display your abilities and portfolio, allowing you to do business directly with clients and reducing your need for freelancing markets.

Day Care Centre 

The child care centre is another fantastic option for women but not for students. Consider making your home a childcare centre if you like dealing with children and having additional space. Additionally, childcare facilities might be found close to locations where most employees are women.

Try working for a few weeks in a developed private childcare centre before launching your own. You can start this business by setting up a few areas inside your home once you’ve gained some experience.

You may develop a digital enrolment portal where people can sign up for your service.


If you search for one, nearly every corner of the internet has a blog. There is an abundance of bloggers on the web. More information is being consumed than ever before by people.

Consider talking about your main subjects

if you’re a student.

An excellent forum for sharing whatever knowledge or viewpoint you have with the world is provided through blogging. Students speak from a new perspective. The best course of action is to start a blog to share your knowledge if you believe it can help people with their problems. Don’t choose what is already widely available. Choose a niche market with few competitors and a sizable audience. There may be some research involved here. Additionally, you can monetise it through Ad Sense, sponsorships, etc., as you start receiving visitors. But always remember to avoid plagiarism.

You can also enlist the aid of a digital marketing agency if you want to grow your business across the city or the country. They will handle the marketing for you within a budget so you don’t break the bank for it while you work on other projects.

Wrap up!

To be successful, each of the above business ideas needs time, commitment, and initial hard work. With the development of mobile technology and simple internet connectivity, starting a home-based business in Pakistan for women and students has certainly gotten easier. Such enterprises could only operate in a few streets or towns ten years ago, but today with the internet, they can advertise their products and services throughout the nation.

So, start your dream business, paving the route for yourself, and take the first step.

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