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Are you a hardworking student in need of money but struggling to find a flexible job? Or are you a housewife who can’t step out due to never-ending responsibilities? Do you want to start freelancing but done know the best Freelancing Websites in Pakistan to start from?

You may already have a job but want to spend the rest of the day doing something productive. 

Don’t worry; we got you covered!

This blog will introduce you to freelancing websites in Pakistan that will allow you to demonstrate your talent and earn you a decent amount of money.

Let’s begin!

10 Best Freelancing Websites in Pakistan


You may know about this platform. Fiverr has been the talk of the freelancing industry. You can sell your talent to every corner of the world. The good news is it won’t cost you a single penny. Join Fiverr using your google account, and you are ready to go! Understanding the platform might take some time, but many free online courses are available to help you learn Fiverr. 

The fact that you can pick your price on these websites is their most significant benefit. 

The type of work you want (such as writing, designing, or programming) and how much you would want to charge per project are all options. Some people use them to supplement their income, while others use them as their primary source of income. Get customers to do the tasks so you can profit online from these finished tasks. If you want to work in this online marketplace for a while, one thing to consider is to answer clients quickly and meet their needs.


Another great well-known platform is Upwork. It is widely regarded as the world’s largest and most excellent freelance marketplace. Many freelancers have made Upwork their full-time profession and use it to supplement their income. It is a valuable platform for bringing buyers and sellers together. You need to register for an account on Upwork. 

Start bidding on the listed jobs once you’ve finished creating your seller profile, and you’ll be paid once someone hires. Upwork charges 20% in service fees until a transaction with a single client total $500. After that, Upwork’s service fees drop to 10% and 5% when you work for one client for more than $10,000.


The most helpful website for finding freelance work in content translation, social media marketing, and web development is On this freelance site, you can obtain projects by bidding for various projects. This platform is ideal for you if you’re a newbie trying to make a decent living online. 

Since advises its novice sellers, you can find a lot of projects here. You can set prices, upload work samples, and create profiles on the website. After that, you can look for opportunities depending on your region and skill set. You can apply immediately from the website once you’ve discovered a position that matches your skill set. 

99 Designs

if you have a taste for design, 99 designs is an ideal platform. The platform provides designers from every corner to showcase their talent. All you need is unique designs ready to present as a sample to your clients. This makes it easier for both parties to know the outcome.

Hundreds of designers collaborate and finish tasks like designing logos, t-shirts, and business cards daily on this platform. 

This platform has a unique process that makes it easy for designers to connect. There are two ways to hire a freelancer in this marketplace. The client has two choices: either hold a contest or contact the designer directly. The client will choose his preferred design among the inventive concepts freelancers to submit for the competition.


It is among the top freelancing websites in Pakistan for freelancers to post their jobs and provides management, accounting, design, programming, digital marketing, and SEO services.

Additionally, it offers relevant categories you can browse to find possible buyers. 

You only need to create your profile on ifreelance and advertise your services to bid on appropriate projects for your skill set. However, it would help if you bought the paid plan; it is not offered for free.


Guru has been continuously developing since its foundation. It is considered one of the top platforms for online income—this platform standouts due to its easy hiring process. After creating a profile, you must offer quotes for projects based on your expertise. Get recruited and finish the project without making any investments.

The guru charges a commission of 8.9% for each project. More bids, lower job fees, and other features are available with a premium membership. All you need is to introduce yourself on the platform and start making money with it.


Flexjob is another excellent freelancing website in Pakistan that offer remote and flexible employment opportunities. The main areas of focus for FlexJobs are writing, content marketing, and transcription. By removing the necessity to identify frauds, Flexjobs displays only real jobs, saving you a great deal of time. 

For this reason, it screens possibilities and filters out falsified businesses and scams. To get the most out of this website, which gives you access to more information, discounts on several things, and the chance to apply for jobs directly on the site, you must pay $6.95 for a week of access or $49.95 for a year.

Freelance positions are not the only option of FlexJobs, but it also offers flexible employment. You have a trustworthy site, and well worth the price when you add this to its hand selection and verification processes.

People Per Hour

You might have yet to hear of this platform, but many freelancers from Pakistan have started to register on this platform. On this platform, employers can post jobs of any size, and you can choose freelancers based on their ratings and reviews to get better work. 

Employers and independent freelancers can work together using the project management, asset sharing, and communication tools provided by this website’s project streams. 

From this page, invoices can also be created, and secure payments are processed quickly and easily. The prices on People Per Hour are some of the most affordable in the industry, making it an incredible value.

SEO Clerk

The name of this platform is the significance of its service. This is devoted to an SEO specialist. Using price and level filters makes it easy to locate SEO jobs. Freelancers might seek help with online marketing, link building, website traffic growth, and page and off-page SEO. 

These businesses can be contacted directly from this page or using the provided email address.

SEO clerks can pay you by offering a job or developing a service. 

This freelance marketplace charges 10% of the overall sale. This freelance website offers Paypal, bank transfer, and bitcoin as payment methods.

You will receive a link to a private site where you can manage your projects and interact with clients once they decide to hire you.

Simply Hired

In 2022, will be among Pakistan’s top websites for freelancers.

The last site on our list of the top freelance marketplaces is slightly different from the rest. This is not your typical freelancing website; it is a job search engine platform. This website features job openings from 24 different nations.

On this network, many recruiters offer positions, company directories, success stories, and career advice. Freelancers submit applications for jobs that fit their skill set. Both online and offline freelancing jobs, from high technology to personal cleanliness, organizing, and production, are suitable for this industry.


The world is changing drastically and needs us to be changed too. Our lives now revolve around working as Freelancers as it provides convenience. Right now, everyone is yearning for independent work. Every year, there is more demand for freelancers. This is a result of the rise in businesses using independent contractors to save their resources.

The list above can help people in Pakistan to get a start on their freelance careers. It not only gets you local jobs but connects you to every part of the world. Identify your skill and start right now choosing the suitable freelancing platform. 

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