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The software sector is quickly expanding not only in Pakistan but throughout the world. It is a field with limitless possibilities. However, you must keep up with market trends and new advances in computer languages. It is a field for those who desire to outperform their peers quickly. A creative mind can work wonders in this industry and for them alot of software companies in Pakistan are providing opportunities to them

Variety of employment opportunities

Everyone realized the need for digitizing during the Covid period. In this post-covid era, we are witnessing digitisation happening rapidly, with technology permeating every industry and sector out there, whether it is shopping, banking, manufacturing, or medical services.

What does this mean for programmers? 

Every industry uses technology; software developers have a profusion of employment and work options. They can work in practically any field that involves technology which is almost every market in today’s modern world.

Pakistan has ascended to the fourth-largest technology market in the world.  Here’s a rundown of top software houses in Pakistan you can apply for jobs.

Top software companies in Pakistan

The Outsource Company 

The Outsource Company is a reputable company. It is a group of highly talented designers and engineers who are driven to create elegant and practical solutions that solve complicated issues. Since its market debut, it has developed into a full-cycle. The company has offices in Karachi and the United States.

Clients have been entirely complimentary of the organization. The Outsource Company has a vibrant, competent, innovative team that has done marvels in the sector. The company has maintained the ideal mix of skill, technology, and hard work. They have been providing excellent content and internet marketing services. You can checkout the career page and can apply to our desired vacancy.


10Pearls is a software company that collaborates with giant organizations. This company is based in Karachi and primarily focuses on international projects. It enables company executives to develop their businesses adaptively. This software house will allow for the emergence of new ideas. Accelerate your team’s ability to produce breakthrough technologies by augmenting their skill sets. Pearls aid in the advancement of technology. 

They support the analysis of your data in order to include cutting-edge technology such as machine learning. You’ll learn about top-notch technologies such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, blockchain, and many more. 


TPS is a reputable software house in Karachi that provides complete digital payment solutions for merchants and customers. They have a sizable market in both Asia and Europe. TPS’s service has benefited a large number of institutions. TPS has created software to address all payment-related issues in the banking business. 


Founded in 2003 as a traditional information technology service provider to provide business solutions to customers worldwide. Arpatech now spans four continents, with offices and customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan. The organisation has accomplished outstanding achievements with a robust workforce of more than 250 individuals. 

Their services include software development, mobile development, cyber security, e-commerce store development, website development, call centre and customer support, and startup aid, which has helped them become a well-known and respected brand name among domestic and international clients.


The company operates out of Pakistan’s two most populous and well-known cities, Lahore and Karachi. TRG TECH has become one of Karachi’s most notable software businesses.

It is one of the most innovative companies, which is why TRG TECH believes it to be one of the top companies in Pakistan. TRG Tech’s founder, Zia Chishti, founded this IT firm on December 2, 2002. TRG TECH is well-known for its services, such as design and development, testing, and engineering. system automation, system integration.

TRG International’s headquarters are in Washington, DC. The organisation offers its services in seven countries and employs almost 22,000 people.

Software Houses in Lahore 

Contour Software

Contour software was created in 2019 and is PSEB and SECP registered. They are headquartered in Lahore and offer a wide range of IT solutions and services. They are ranked first among Pakistan’s fastest-growing software startups. 

They promise quality and give the most excellent software development services because they are focused on being the leading software company in the country. Their dedication to perfection has propelled them to the top of every list of Pakistan’s finest software businesses where you can apply for jobs.


NetSol is one of Pakistan’s leading software houses, with headquarters in Lahore. It is the market leader in information technology. NetSol is a Lahore-based software company that has worked with well-known companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, BMW, Benz, Fiat, and Volkswagen.

NetSol, like the other companies mentioned above, provides its services globally. An organisation’s services include data management and data analysis, as well as software quality control and software project management.

In addition, the firm provided information security solutions, data security frameworks, and financial and commercial assistance. 


TechAbout is a Lahore-based Pakistani software company. TechAbout provides its clients with a wide range of IT products and high-quality information technology solutions. Many of the Company’s undertakings are in education and healthcare. The Company aspires to higher quality by developing unique and new items. TechAbout Software House also provides Technical Products to help with a wide range of consulting services.  

TechEngage, the Company’s well-known weblog, showcases the most recent data from the technology industry and raises awareness of a broad field of specialised products such as impartial audits. You’ll surely get to learn a lot here.


Macrosoft is based in Lahore. The software house employs knowledgeable, experienced, and well-trained experts. They provide both software development and software design. The primary purpose of this organisation is to provide clients with new and creative solutions in order to maintain their reputation in the IT market. You can apply here for a Job to give an excellent start to your IT career.

Software Houses in Islamabad 

Ovex Technologies

It is a renowned IT solution exporter and one of Pakistan’s top software businesses offering BPO solutions. Ovex Technologies is one of the leading software development firms in Islamabad. The organisation currently employs around 600 highly qualified individuals.

They offer their services within the country and worldwide consumers and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This business was established in 2003 and began providing outsourcing services in 2009. Ovex technology provides HR, IT, accounting, and contact centre services. It is a software house in Lahore that also provides services from Islamabad.

Elixir was started in 1985, making it one of the few software businesses in Islamabad while the IT industry was still in its infancy. The company began with software and services and later developed an excellent product for the telecom sector.

Elixir Technologies

With over three decades of experience serving the worldwide business community, the organisation is a leader in assisting companies to improve communication, streamline operations, and reduce operating expenses. Many industries, including healthcare, finance, and insurance, are served by the organisation—their dedication to providing value to customers and making their lives easier through technology. Elixir has expanded globally, with operations in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

United Sol

United Sol was started in 2005 by three motivated programmers still active in the company and contributing to its success as one of the most outstanding software companies in Islamabad. With the launch of several global eCommerce innovations for SaaS platforms, the company has gained valued clients worldwide.

Their pursuit of perfection in Magento development led to around 250 innovative extensions. They did not, however, stop there. They have demonstrated proficiency in other popular eCommerce platforms, such as PrestaShop and WooCommerce, where they have 100 and 70+ plug-ins, respectively. Hyundai, Gulf Central, Wallan, and PitStopArabia are among the prominent names in their global portfolio. This is going to be a brilliant start to your professional profile. 


It is an Islamabad-based software company with Danish roots. Zanish Abdullah established it in 2007. TEO is quite dependable when designing mobile applications and sophisticated systems. The company has provided high-quality software solutions to public and commercial enterprises for over a decade.

The company has enjoyed tremendous growth since its inception, deploying software solutions to over 50 businesses. TEO is now a co-owner of business units with a workforce of 100 specialists. You’ll get to learn a lot from their tech experts. 


These are a few of the top software houses in Pakistan where you can apply for a job. Including these on your resume will benefit your career. Every software house has its own vision and mission, which may differ in its products or services. Still, their overall goals of serving humanity and growing Pakistan’s economy are the same.

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