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Are you curious about how to rank Fiverr gig? Well, You are reading this article, indicating that you already know what’s Fiverr. However, if you are new to it and need to learn more about it, we’ll brief you!

What is Fiverr

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Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancing that connects businesses with independent contractors to execute specific jobs.

Since its beginning in 2010, Fiverr has become more well-known; in 2022, it had 4.2 million active purchasers from more than 160 nations.

There are freelance authors, graphic designers, web developers, and tax preparers. Depending on your needs, Fiverr has an individual who can assist you.

How does it work?

There are two types of people on Fiverr.


Someone who desires to generate money by selling a service is referred to as a seller. Sellers are independent contractors that advertise their certain freelancing skills as a service to prospective customers. A vendor lists their services and the price they charge on Fiverr.


Anyone using the site to try to purchase a service is a buyer. Buyers can utilize the search feature to browse seller profiles and find those who meet their demands before placing an order. In short, the buyers hire sellers to carry out specific tasks.

But how do they connect?

Through a Gig!

Let’s get to know about it.

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The service you provide on the platform is usually referred to as a “Fiverr gig.” It allows you to showcase your unique talent and show potential clients that you can provide the service you offer.

Since most of your clients are strangers, the only method they can discover your caliber is through your gig.

As a result, producing gigs necessitates close attention to detail.

You need to work a little extra to rank your gig so people can find you if they search for the service you provide.

How to Rank Fiverr Gig?

Stay active as much as possible

The best piece of advice is to remain active on Fiverr because, in order to save time, orders for online gigs are always placed first. The best offerings are always selected by the customer of a service, thus the gig, its description, and its tags must be unique.

A service that is available online will be preferred by a customer because it will save both parties time and facilitate any inquiries that either party may have.

Maintaining your online presence on Fiver will improve your ranking, which will enable you to get more orders in less time. Maintaining your web profile on Fiverr is necessary if you want to draw clients since the possibility of receiving orders increases dramatically when a buyer contacts the right person just once.

Promote your gig on social media

Start marketing your services on various social media channels if you notice that your Fiverr sales are declining. On social media, you can join several groups that are related to your niche. You can make posts in various groups asking individuals if they are interested in your services. In the event that you do land the clients, direct them to your Fiverr Gig URL and request that they place their order there. You’ll get more work and money this way, and Fiverr transactions will be secure.

Making your page or group on social media platforms and promoting it is another useful suggestion. By doing this, you increase your chances of being recruited by those people or businesses who use that media.

Improve conversion rate

By conversion rate, we imply the pace at which potential consumers become actual ones. For instance, even though you receive a lot of emails, not all of them result in purchases. You need to communicate with them better if you want to turn them into customers. A higher conversion rate will result from improved communication. Your Fiverr Gigs Ranking will ultimately rise. On the Fiverr App’s home page, you can see your conversion rate percentage.

Keyword in fiver gig URL

It is important to remember when making a gig on Fiver that everything must be related to the gig’s URL and that the gig description must contain all relevant keywords.

You must always include your URL in the title you generate. Ranking highly will become more practically guaranteed.

Keep your gig’s title and URL as similar as you can so that they won’t differ even if you decide to change it in the future. They must always share at least 60% of their characteristics. Make sure the gig’s title is no more than sixty characters.

Become a high-level seller on fiver

Your Fiverr Gigs Ranking increases with every level you reach. You need to earn $400 on Fiverr in order to reach level one vendor status. Your net income needs to be $2000 in order to qualify as a level-two seller. Try to keep increasing your levels. Over time, this will raise your Gigs ranking. As a result, more clients will hire you.

Get reviews

Get a review on your first gig as soon as possible if you want additional customers to order your gigs. For this, you can request that any of your acquaintances use your service and leave a positive review on your Gig with a five-star rating. It is not acceptable, though, as it violates Fiverr’s terms and conditions. Continue fulfilling buyer requests every day for a second good chance to receive your first order and a review. You will probably soon receive contact from a buyer who will purchase your gig. The secret is to keep going and never give up.

Use good images

It is human nature that people are attracted to visuals more than words. Always use high-quality images on your gig as they serve as the primary means by which your services are represented. Use high-quality images in your Gig. To be impressive, it must be clear and of high quality. High-quality image creation and editing are possible with Adobe Photoshop.

Don’t overlook FAQ sections

The FAQs section of a gig is one of the most ignored sections. Use the FAQs section of your Gig page to address frequent queries that customers might have before placing an order. Your customer service will speak for you and having your questions answered is a blessing for the customer.

Connect to fiver forum

The Fiverr Forum is the best resource for discussing and learning the newest methods and advice for enhancing your Fiverr profile. On the Fiverr Forum, a lot of well-regarded and knowledgeable merchants are contributing their knowledge. Therefore, each user should take part there and learn something. You can study all the issues pertaining to your services and get crucial information by reading the various conversation topics that cover all services and categories.

Take the skill test

A skill test was just introduced to Fiverr, and it is the ideal way for any user to boost the worth of their profile. Take the exam on Fiverr, and your profile will display a score out of 10. A high score can boost buyer confidence and profile value. So, in order to get a decent result, prepare and take the skill test.


You need to rank high in the Fiverr search results if you want to become well-known there. This will result in every day orders from a large number of customers for your Fiverr Gigs. The Fiverr Search Algorithm is effective for ranking Fiverr gigs.

According to the number of reviews you receive on Fiverr, your description, gig tags, and conversion rate, this algorithm ranks your Fiverr gigs. The only way to succeed on Fiverr is to give your gigs a higher ranking.

As hard work is never wasted, be consistent and put in a little extra effort.

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