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Twitter recently auctioned off a bird statue and other office assets as tech billionaire Elon Musk struggles to keep up with his rent payments. The news of the auction comes amidst reports that the famous entrepreneur is having difficulty paying his rent, a startling development for someone at the helm of multiple multi-billion dollar companies. In this blog post, we’ll look at the bird statue that Twitter put up for auction and explore why Musk is facing such financial difficulties.

elon musk

Twitter has reportedly been prosecuted for $136,250 for allegedly not paying the rental income on their San Francisco headquarters. Co-working spaces in Mumbai and Delhi would likely close due to difficulty in making payouts. Elon Musk, one of the world’s most influential people, continues to amaze us all, even though he has come under some scrutiny recently. Though the exact cause of the difficulties is unknown, it is worth investigating why Musk currently has such difficulty financing the business.

Twitters bird statue

Twitter recently suggested a unique solution to this problem. A bird monument has been auctioned on Twitter to help Musk pay his rent. By bidding on this bird monument, Twitter users can be a part of Musk’s mission and financially assist him. A lot of bidders participated in helping Elon Musk with his financial problems uniquely, and that bird statue got sold for $100,000. Not just that, a lot of other Twitter furniture items got sold, such as reclaimed wood conference room tables, coffee bars, Polycom conference call speaker phones, and much more

With this incredible bird statue, you can bring a historical piece alive! Elon Musk sold this majestic sculpture at auction to pay his rent.

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